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business-financeArranging finance is our core business.  Our previous careers as front-line lenders with UK banks means that we have extensive experience and ‘inside knowledge’ that is not generally available to business owners.  Our success rate is very high, and in almost every case we deliver rapid payback on our fees from the improved borrowing terms and cost benefits that we obtain for our clients.

The service is for businesses that need new finance, want to restructure existing facilities, or are considering a change of lender.  We specialise in working with businesses that have, or need, borrowing of £250,000 or more, typically with annual sales of £2m to £30m.  Most of our clients are in the £2m to £10m sales range.

We will work closely with you and your professional advisors to help you decide how much finance you need, and to help identify which products are likely to be the most suitable for you.  Using our lending expertise, we will then arrange the finance for you, saving you time, stress and hassle.  Whilst we specialise in dealing with banks, there is also a pool of over 270 independent and specialist lenders that we can use if the banks cannot, or will not lend.

Whatever reason you need finance, we can help – for example:

  • Working capital to fund growth or to get through a lean spell
  • Buying new trading premises
  • Developing, or investing in commercial or residential property
  • Importing goods from abroad, or selling to overseas customers
  • Acquiring another business, or funding a Management Buy Out
  • For fixed plant or machinery

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Avoiding the pitfalls

Arranging finance can be time consuming and problematic and banks can be difficult to deal with. Even businesses with an unblemished borrowing history can struggle to get the finance they need, on the right terms.

We know that businesses will often:
  • Pay too much in fees, interest charges, or other costs
  • Sign over too much security to their lender
  • Accept unnecessarily restrictive terms & conditions, or
  • Accept the wrong products, which can lead to problems later on
Why does this happen?

Business lending is very technical and some lending products are complicated; so anyone who has not previously worked in a bank will be dealing with things that are beyond their area of expertise. As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know!”

More importantly, it is extremely difficult for borrowers to exert any meaningful influence over a bank’s lending decisions, and instead they have to rely on the bank’s personnel doing their jobs properly and on the bank’s systems working effectively. The problem is this does not always happen, and leads to inconsistent decisions and unexpected outcomes. This is why borrowers often end up with inferior borrowing terms, or with no finance at all. ‘DIY’ borrowers – those who choose to go it alone and arrange their own finance – are particularly at risk.

Find out more about this ‘flawed lending process’ and how to overcome it by reading our e-book:



Valuable inside knowledge and expertise

Against this backdrop, why take the risk of doing it yourself when we can do the work for you?

Everyone in IBC has previously worked for a commercial bank for many years, so we have the ‘inside knowledge’ and expertise that is vital for getting you the right facilities on the right terms. We will help identify which products are likely to be the most suitable for you, explain the pros and cons of each, shoulder the burden of dealing with lenders and source an offer of finance on your behalf.

We influence lending decisions in a positive way by doing much of the banks’ work for them, and in return they are prepared to compete with each other to win business. This greatly improves the chances of achieving a successful outcome and leads to improved borrowing terms and beneficial cost savings.  A win-win for both borrower and lender.

We are also:

  • Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit related activities
  • Independent and not tied to any lender – unlike most finance brokers, we do not believe in accepting arrangement fees from lenders, so we have no conflicts of interest or divided loyalties

Ours is a proven service that will improve your chances of success. We will save you time and reduce the stress and hassle that comes with raising finance.

Got a question? Check our Frequently Asked Questions or our e-books and guides page. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for and want to find out if our services could benefit you, please get in touch.  We would love to hear from you.