Problems with lenders

problems-with-lenders-smallAre you having problems with your bank?

  • Has a change of Relationship Manager caused problems?
  • Is your bank trying unfairly to change your borrowing terms?
  • Has your account been moved into your bank’s ‘special measures’ department?

Lending related problems can be some of the most worrying and stressful challenges a business can face.  They are notoriously difficult to deal with and if left unchecked can threaten the future of a business.

Directors who guarantee their company’s borrowings are particularly exposed and are often reluctant to fight their corner when problems occur because they feel isolated and worry that they may make matters worse by saying or doing the wrong thing.

If you are experiencing problems with your lender then help is at hand.

A problem shared is a problem halved

Whatever your situation, the chances are we have dealt with a similar problem to yours before.

We understand how banks work and we speak their language – so we will be able to assess your situation objectively and work with your bank to help find a fair and workable solution on your behalf.

Every situation is different, so we can engage in a way that makes you feel most comfortable – either discrete advice or hands-on support in meetings and negotiations.

Got a question?  Check our Frequently Asked Questions section or our e-books and guides page.  If you can’t find the answer you are looking for and want to find out if our services could benefit you, please get in touch.  We would love to hear from you.