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how-and-why-lending-decisions-go-wrong-final2How and why lending decisions go wrong and what you can do about it

Arranging finance for your business can be problematic and time consuming and dealing with banks can be challenging.  This e-book will help you to understand what goes on behind the scenes when banks make a lending decision, and how you can improve your chances of achieving a successful outcome.

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six-questions-finalSix questions a finance broker will not want you to ask

We believe that any borrower who enlists the help of an intermediary to help them raise finance has a right to expect that the intermediary will be truly independent and that they can, and will, act in the borrower’s best interests. Before you consider appointing a finance broker to arrange finance for your business, here are six questions to ask first.

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ten-good-reasons-cta-1-223x300Ten good reasons to use IBC

This concise summary explains why business borrowers should consider using IBC when they need to borrow money.

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oversee-lending-book-cta-224x300How Banks oversee their lending book

Lending money is not a ‘one-off’ decision.  Once money has been lent, banks have to keep borrowers under constant scrutiny – to ensure that the borrower complies with the agreed lending terms, and also to watch for early signs of potential problems. Find out how they do this and what the implications are for borrowers.

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types-of-financeTypes of business finance that we can arrange

This is an alphabetical list of the types of finance that we can arrange. We deal with all the major banks, as well as with over 270 independent and specialist lenders who we can use in cases when it is more appropriate to the client’s needs, or when the banks cannot, or will not lend.

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helping-you-build-finalHelping you build an asset for the future

If you are an experienced lender and have always wanted the chance to run your own business, then this exciting opportunity is tailor made for you.  By joining our network you can follow in our footsteps and operate the same low cost, low-risk business as part of a team of like-minded people.  Read this guide for more headline information.

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